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tv   Today  NBC  December 22, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, welcome. we're so happy you spend your thirsty thursday with us. it's thursday, december 22 n. that is "walking in my sleep" by andrew mcmahon and the wilderness. >> we have a fantastic ambush makeover. these two are drop jaw. they want to celebrate the holidays in style. they're going to have brand-new looks for christmas. >> also with 2016 winding down, do you say 2016 or 2016?
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>> say 2016. >> 2016 winds down, it's the perfect excuse to look back at all of the fun we had this year from the ridiculous to the even more ridiculous. and all the laughter in between. we have laughed. >> can't wait to see it. >> i know. what else are we going to do, hoda woman? >> we have a beautiful everyone has a story today. we're going to meet a man who made it out of a really difficult situation growing up and now he has a very touching way that he gives back to children in need. it's going to put you in the holiday spirit instantly. >> it really will. plus, some last-minute tricks to turn everyday household items into festive holiday showstoppers. guess who's here? >> who? >> mr. sseo himself. my son made me aware of an incredible organization. this is the season of miracles,
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right. it's called miracle flights. which happens to be run by his girlfriend's father, all right. it's a nonprofit which provides financial assistance, listen to this, hoda, to fly low-income children with special medical needs to wherever in the country they need to go to get the care they require. >> beautiful. >> sometimes children die because they can't afford to get on a plane to go to a hospital two states away where they could get their life changed and perhaps saved. so i'm really happy that cody told me about it. you can find more information at it's based out of las vegas. >> by the way, that's incredible, because there are so many people who say i can't afford to get to that place, much less for the care. wow, that's beautiful. okay, so we have some great news or great moment from an nbc news producer. her name's bianca. she wanted to surprise her mom for the holidays. her sister, michaela, she's a first lieutenant in the army and she's overseas. her mom told us she couldn't be
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home for the holidays. >> right, i think i know what's coming here. >> so take a look what happened when bianca asked her mom to record a video message for michaela. >> a message for michaela, tell her how much you miss her. >> hi, honey, we're missing you. i wish you could be hear with us, so much fun with all three of us. ahh! >> merry christmas! >> my friend karen's over there, there's nobody to run the kleenex. oh, my god. look at karen over there having a little sip of something as my daddy used to say. >> how beautiful was that moment? i loved that. >> oh, gosh. >> we used to always try to -- when you think about surprises for your mom, there's nothing better than, like, just having her totally flip. >> well, the thing is, i am a
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mom. and you have a mom that you absolutely adore. the older you get, you only want to be with them. you say how do i define happiness? being with my children. >> we have this thing where we'd always surprise our mom so much that now it's not even surprising because we're always doing it. >> although you did, you surprised her last two years big time. >> we surprised her for her birthday and also when my brother, sister and i were younger, my mom was teach a course at oklahoma, this university. we literally all got on a plane, it was her birthday, she was by herself, she was sleeping in a dorm, that's how they did it. we had a cake, balloon, walked down the hall, knocked on her door and said housekeeping or something we always say. >> at a dorm? >> she opened the door and freaked. she's like oh, wow. like it's always the first time. >> she enjoys life so much. we're so blessed to still have our moms. we send our moms all our love. this is very special.
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there's a young girl with autism. she sings this song. you all know the song hallelujah. it will get you into the christmas spirit. holiday concert from a school in ireland. this is 10-year-old kayleigh rogers. she also had adhd. keep that in mind. this is her performance. it's gone viral. ♪ many miles and journeys longed for you ♪ ♪ and as a place ♪ they gave and cried out oh hallelujah ♪ ♪ hallelujah hallelujah ♪ hallelujah hallelujah >> wow. >> makes that even more
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beautiful. if it's not beautiful enough. she's very shy. >> thank you, sal. >> when she started school, she wouldn't even read out loud in class. so she stood there in front of that entire audience and that chorus and sang. >> you know what, we all know this too, hoda, whether you're making the music for people or in the audience receiving the music, there's healing properties in music. >> no kidding. >> some music. not today on i-hoda but, you know. >> wait and see. all right. you turn on your pandora and ask for kathie lee music, baby, you're going to get -- >> when you say -- you have kathie lee station on pandora which i do have, you get barbra streisand comes up. this is who comes up. they do -- it's barbra -- >> ce li ne. >> yeah, people like that. >> cher. >> people like that. >> you're going to like this one. >> i don't think so, hoda! >> if you think that you're
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thinking about your life and you're wondering do i have time for that, because sometimes life feels like it's flying by. >> yes. >> you want to tap the brakes and you hope that there is time for you to spend more time doing whatever you want to do. that's what this song is about. so it's called "time." it's by the burned. take a listen. >> the burned? >> uh-huh. ♪ they come and then they go ♪ that's just the way it gots ♪ listen to what we know ♪ like water we shall flow ♪ back to the ocean soul ♪ in the body of your love ♪ welcome home ♪ time to reap what you've sown ♪ ♪ time is overwhelming me >> here's the chorus. ♪ i hope there's time for everything ♪ >> nice. you know what this is?
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♪ oh my love >> in heaven? >> yeah, it's folk music. it's what we all grew up with in the '60s. it's joan biaz. >> everyone's crying. >> we're all running out of time. >> don't do that to meredith. >> it's just an acoustic guitar with him. >> do everything we want to do in our lives, you know, for our families, our kids, our jobs. >> remember the old bird song "to everything, turn turn turn ♪ is it lamb tations in the bible, i think so. book of lamtations. >> can you turn it up? >> hoda and i can just do this for the whole show as long as she plays music like this. >> find that song and more on my play list on apple music and find us on sirius xm.
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>> hoda every monday and tuesday at 2:00. >> how about that? we are giving the greatest gift of all, not love, not friendship, ambush makeovers. >> you think that was fun, you ain't seen nothing yet. a look back on our greatest hits and misses of 2016. and everyone has a story. oh, tuesday. >> was that a -- >> lemur i think it was. >> lemur, you're right. should we put a jellybean on the top? purple? absolutely. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i was born a dreamer... ♪ i was born a dreamer... taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside.
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b. i would like to smell like this every day. but what was body wash a? ohhhh i love bath and bodyworks. i have this in my bathroom. and what was the one they preferred? ohhhh. this is suave. really? that's quite a bit of smelling good. suave three fragrances preferred over bath and body works. we are giving santa a run for his money by giving two lucky ladies a gift just in time for the holidays with our ambush makeovers. >> two worthy recipients to receive head to toe new looks. >> from louie licari salon, we have louie licari, la, la, la. >> and lilliana vasquez. >> okay, kids how was it on the
10:13 am
plaza? >> cold. i have to say, the christmas spirit is throughout and we found two single mothers with their children christmas shopping for a full week in new york. >> wow, that's great. >> giving mom the best christmas present we can. >> mom number one is kristin. she's 40 years old from memphis, tennessee. cyst seaskristin is a single mo. she works at single buddies, for people with disabilities. she's thinking about changing her hairstyle for a while. the time has finally come. >> you guys ready? >> adorable family. why are the holidays the perfect time for your makeover? >> i'm just, i'm really busy, i work a lot, so i haven't had a lot of time to do my hair and that sort of thing. so this is going to be really fun. >> today you're going to be our star. you ready? >> yes, i'm very ahead. >> you guys ready? >> yes. >> excited? >> yes. >> oh, yes they are.
10:14 am
here they are, olivia, jackson and harris, you guys ready? all right, keep your blindfolds on for just a second. here is kristin before. let's see the new kristin. come on out. wow! >> okay, are you guys ready? >> yeah. >> take a look at your mama. >> okay, you've got to see yourself. you're going to flip. ready. turn around. oh, my god. oh, my. >> wow. you look great. >> why don't you look right over there in the camera. tell us, louis. >> i love this color. so what we did here is i softened her base color. i added just different tone on tones so it's not a solid color.
10:15 am
and of course layers. and who else but the magnificent. >> that lovely makeup i'm sure. >> that beautiful lip too. >> kid, what do you guys think of mom? are you freaking out? >> completely different. >> wow. lilliana, that blouse is gorgeous. >> so here's the best part. this is actually a dress by new by shoni but it looks like separates which allows her to define that small waist she was hiding under the puffy coat. and then the slit on the arm is sexy but subtle. stunning in this. >> beautiful. our second lady's allison. she's 42 from kill devil hills, north carolina. she's also single mom and she's here in the city enjoying christmas with her kids who have never been here before. she works at the outer banks visitors bureau. she and her daughter piper like to watch ambush makeovers and her daughter always told her she should get one as well so she's
10:16 am
going to. let's hear her story. >> allison what do you hope to get out of this makeover? >> oh, gosh. well, i know my kids have always wanted me to get a makeover. they tell me i don't do enough for myself. >> why do you want mom to get a makeover? >> because i want her to look more beautiful than she already does. >> love that. >> that kid's going to be a lawyer. >> all righty, she's here with her children colin and piper. and let's take one last look at allison before and bring out the new allison. oh, yeah. wow. wow, wow, wow. >> good day for redheads. >> all right, ready, guys? all righty, take it off. >> speechless children today. >> you want to take a look and see yourself, turn right around. >> oh, my gosh. >> you look beautiful. >> oh, my gosh. i love the hair.
10:17 am
>> right? >> you look good. tell us about it louis, please. >> when i saw her, she had never colored her hair before and i loved to do that when people have never colored their hair before. i said let's go for it, it's the holidays. it's a little brighter than i usually normally do, but it's still a believable auburn color. layered around the face. again, the softness. you look beautiful. >> the outfit hon, honey. >> i gave her separates that would feel cool and downtown and edgy. faux leather leggings. a blazer that's double breasted. white house black market and a robert rodriguez blouse. >> great job. merry merry to everybody. thank you, louis has got your color and thank you so much, lilliana. listen, everybody, remember the time you did that thing and looked totally ridiculous? >> no. >> well, good, because we're
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neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®. as the end of the year approaches, it is time to reflect and remember all the crazy things the two of us have done together. >> which raise the question, how do we do it day after day? >> well, we'll show you, take a look. we've got a great show for you today. >> yes, we do. >> we say it every day but usually we don't mean it. >> we have a question for you, why are you watching us? >> that's our famous question. >> how do we do it day after day? >> wow. >> oh, wow. >> i'm nadia. >> and? >> wendell. >> you guys are a couple, right? >> my dad. >> oh! >> most of us don't know what
10:22 am
color our natural hair is. >> yes, i do, it's gray. because i'm so old! >> how you doing? >> i've had a bad day. >> i can fix that. >> oh! >> let's go to the bedroom. >> how many times has hoda said that? >> ha ha. >> wednesday, as you call it, hump day. >> two humps. >> any detergent? >> just these nuts. then if you want to dry 'em, you use these balls. >> whoa. >> chevy, turn it down, but bill -- >> it's not chevy, it's chevy. >> when you guys hit balls, you get testy. >> woo. >> just chocolate? >> just chocolate. >> hoda's face. she's not bad. >> we look better in skittles than real life. >> we're going to do sweet and hot. >> that's the way i like my men, sweet and hot. hoda's in heaven. except for fleet week. she enjoys her fleet week. >> we are going to make fresh
10:23 am
delicious pasta salads. one was inspired by you, my dear. there's crab in it. >> i've been to the doctor. >> okay. >> this segment is done. >> we name each day of the week. >> this is fun day monday. trollop tuesday. >> okay, look when you go to al. oh. oh, my goodness! >> it's dead fish or strawberry banana smoothie. we'll do it really quick. ew, oh, my god! >> andrew was at our slumber party. >> great place to be. ♪ why can't i find a woman like that ♪ >> i like to move it move it. >> assume the position.
10:24 am
>> when is it over? why isn't it over? >> what's wrong? >> nightmare. >> sorry about that. the show was over for me at that point. >> we might as well just go, let's go, it's over. >> no! >> i'm glad we ended on that. >> never really took off, did it? >> no, it didn't. >> one man turned his own troubled past into an amazing gift for others. plus, danny seo will help your living room feel like a winter ♪ as soon as i became a parent i changed as a person, drastically. ♪ i tried hard to quit smoking. ♪ but when we brought our daughter home that was it. ♪ now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended
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landlords are trying to halt a voter-approved rent happening now. renter's in mountain view say landlords are trying to halt a rent control measure that's supposed to take place tomorrow. we'll have a live report in our midday newscast. link to details on our home
10:27 am
page. east bay thrift store had a luxury car that slammed into it. the facebook page, the images and who witnesses say ran from that crash scene. in our twitter feed, brad pitt breaks his silence. the concern he's raising in court. we have a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break.
10:28 am
we have another dry day in
10:29 am
the forecast with some comfortable temperatures. in san francisco expect a high of 59 degrees. 53 degrees tomorrow. much cooler with some rain and some wind off and on pretty much all day long. it will be breezy on saturday and a chance of some showers late christmas night into early monday morning. as our temperatures hold steady in the 50s. low 60s. we'll be tracking that storm for tomorrow. let's head over to mike for an update on the roadways. >> we have mostly green. a couple of spots with some slowing. you'll see afternoon and evening traveling across town getting tougher. supposed to hit the road right now. slowing through before risbane. no incidents but i do see that north of sfo. slower moving vehicle will do it. over here we had an earlier crash cleared. north 101 at trimble. the entire south bay clearing except for that crash and 152 connected from 101. we still have traffic control at
10:30 am
ferguson. early morning with a crash that took out a power pole. it may continue until 1:00. back to you. thank you, mike. join us at 11:00 for our next newscast. we're back on this thirsty thursday. in case you're leaving under a snowball and hadn't heard, christmas is just three days away. >> if you're having people over but haven't had time to decorate, have no fear. >> danny seo is here. >> he's the host of naturally danny seo on nbc and the editor and chief of naturally danny seo. >> there's a theme. the magazine. he's going to add his magic touch to things you have at home and transform them into beautiful holiday decorations. >> you're quite the mogul, aren't you? >> we're growing and i'm happy to be part of the nbc family. >> good, we love you, honey. i see light bulbs or something. >> thirsty thursday, great inspiration, so you're popping a lot of bottles of champagne so the idea for this up cycling project are those little cages
10:31 am
on top. i thought that's a little like basket, right. so you take that. you take an old light bulb and you make a hot air balloon orname ornament. >> that's very clever. what did you put on the light bulb to make it green? >> white craft grew and tissue paper. kids could do this project. you twist on the champagne cage at the bottom, glue a little ribbon. instant hot air balloon ornament. >> that's so much better than most of the stuff you do, that is just -- that's so clever is what i'm trying to say. >> it's like a roller coaster. like everything's so good and then -- >> just keep it on your -- >> this is so easy, a terra cotta pot. it could be foam like you buy an electronic. you stick it in here. and basically we're making these trees. you want to help me? >> sure. >> what do you do?
10:32 am
>> these are little squares that i took out of an old book and you just literally go to the middle and you stack them up. isn't that easy? >> you have to do this first. it's the big ones. >> what is it? >> you're making little mini paper trees. >> that is quite cute. >> but seriously, on like a snowy day if the kids are drying you crazy. you could cut out the pages, make the tree, done. >> very cute. >> this is a broken wine glass. we all have like a chipped glass or something. >> not hoda. >> this is a really quick easy way. you take these little chandelier shades and we just clip it on. look, for your christmas table. >> oh, no. >> wait a minute. >> danny. >> that is so clever. >> this is like a hack. basically what you want to do to make sure it's centered, you clip it on on the bottom, it goes right inside, and you've got little wine glass
10:33 am
luminaries. >> you're going to do this for your next table. >> i love that. >> all right, christmas miracle. will you guys make my christmas dream come true and craft with me? >> sure. >> you can take white pillar candles and frost them. take a brush. this is just regular white craft glue. instead of using like sugar, you know, which would attract mice and everything else, you spread this all over this. the way to frost it is you use salt. and you sprinkle the salt right on. and it actually creates a beautiful frosted vase, candlesticks, tumblers. >> you have to do it before it dries? >> and you can be liberal. look at that. >> i don't even know what you're talking about. >> look, you're doing a beautiful -- you can even stick it in. >> you don't have to do the whole thing either, you can just -- >> you can just literally -- >> let me do it. >> danny seo. >> and do you see how
10:34 am
beautiful -- >> no, because your arm's there and i can't work like this. >> it is fun to do. >> kids would love this. >> look at just the top it. >> that's a cute little thing you just did. >> i know, hodie. >> this is -- after the holiday season, because we're just using white craft glue, it's water soluble, you just rinse it off. >> danny, we wish you the greatest of holidays. merry christmas. it's naturally danny seo, airs saturday mornings right here on nbc. hoda's busy. >> okay, how one woman was inspired by an old high school friend and his secret which he turned into an amazing gift that helped 25,000 kids and counting. the story you won't forget coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪
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everyone has a story. how one man used his difficult upbringing as a source of strength to help the children following in his foot steps. >> terry steve ns of bristo, virginia, wrote to us about her high school friend rob sheer who inspired her and countless others to offer compassion and hope to children in foster care. take a look. >> i went to high school in man man sass virginia in the 80s. i had a friend rob sheer. we lost touch but reconnected in 2013 on facebook. i then learned of the entire time rob was in high school, he was in foster care. none of his friends knew at the time.
10:40 am
there was a negative stigma attached to being a foster kid. rob carried his belongings in a trash bag from home to home. when he was 18, became homeless and would coauch surf or sleep n his car. he is now a successful business man and father to four amazing children he and his husband adopted from foster care. they came to their home with their belongings in trash bags. rob knew how that could affect a child's self-esteem. they started comfort cases. these cases are distributed via social services and other nonprofit agencies. comfort cases is an all volunteer organization. my 19-year-old daughter and i are on the board of directors. in three years, we have packed nearly 25,000 cases for children. rob has inspired me to become a better person, to look outside of myself, my issues and to my community and what i can do to become more involved in helping those who need help.
10:41 am
rob has become a role model to my daughter who has been involved with comfort cases since she was 15. rob is an abe mazing person. >> terry and rob, hi. >> still tearing up over it, right? that's just amazing. what was it like for you? can you in a couple of sentences, to be so alone in this big world, in a house with strangers basically. what was that like? >> it wasn't until my senior year of high school, it was the fall, and i became homeless, and knowing -- >> you age out, don't you? >> aged out. back in the late '70s, early '80s, when you turned 18, you were out. i was out with my trash bag. and i couch surfed and i slept in an abandoned bathroom and i would go to the public library and i would read until the librarian would tap me on the shoulder and tell me it was time to leave. >> who did you turn to when you needed someone? >> no one.
10:42 am
myself. >> yeah. >> you know, the statistics show that the kids that are in foster care end up in juvenile detention centers. we have our prisons full of people touched by foster care. and that just wasn't the path that i was supposed to go down. >> terry, when -- it's so great that you brought this story to light. when you looked back and realized what he had been going through all these years when you thought he was probably like every other kid what struck you after seeing him again after all those years? >> i think the strength and the fact that he parlayed his situation into helping other children and creating this nonprofit and by his adopting children in foster care that needed homes. it was just a total strength. >> you said he helped your daughter too. in what ways? >> we found out about comfort cases on facebook. and she wanted to bring it to virginia. i think he's become a role model to help the youth, not just my daughter, but other children that have been involved with comfort case, learn that they need to be a part their community and give back. >> aren't you glad there's facebook?
10:43 am
right? >> the fact that you never knew during high school, because you never had a home you could invite -- i mean, you can't really have a normal life, can you? >> no. >> i will tell you, there were kids who knew and there were teachers who knew and they would give me a little bit of extra food at lunchtime and i went back to my 30th high school reunion and i apologized to kids and i apologized because i was that kid that stole food off their plate. because i didn't know if i was going to eat over the weekend. and i just knew that getting an education was what's going to make it. see, most people think that the color of your skin separates each one of us, but it's not. it's our education level. >> yes, you're right. >> you need to write a book. how you went from that situation, getting an education, becoming successful, turning -- i really recommend you do that. there's so many hurting people out there that feel like there's no hope. we're going to sing a song for you though. >> yes, a very special song for this very special pair of friends coming up after this.
10:44 am
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we're back with our newest everyone has a story honorary, rob sheer and his friend terry stevens and terry's daughter emily's joining us. >> yes, and now it's time for the song inspired by rob's life written by david friedman and myself, it's called "a home of their own" and here to sing it for us is one of the stars of the brand-new hit broadway show "a bronx tale," ladies and gentlemen, tony-nominated nick cordero. ♪ ♪ all of us are traveling through this planet that we roam ♪ ♪ but what if we were all alone ♪ ♪ without a friend without a home ♪
10:50 am
♪ you see them on the streets and huddled in the alleys ♪ ♪ they have a haunted look in their sad eyes ♪ ♪ by no fault of their own they're cast into the darkness ♪ ♪ and every day a little more hope dies ♪ ♪ until they're hopeless homeless helpless ♪ ♪ lost among the lambs longing for a place they've never known ♪ ♪ a safe space ♪ a warm embrace ♪ a little bit of love from the human race ♪ ♪ in a home in a home of their own ♪ ♪ they wade into the crowd
10:51 am
as they fade into the shadows ♪ ♪ of a world that doesn't see them at all ♪ ♪ and they cry out in the night but no one ever hears them ♪ ♪ this world is just too big for one so small ♪ ♪ because they're hopeless homeless helpless lost among the lambs ♪ ♪ longing for a place they've never known ♪ ♪ a safe space a warm embrace ♪ ♪ a little bit of love from the human race ♪ ♪ in a home in a home of their own ♪ ♪ won't we open our eyes and ears ♪ ♪ won't we open our hearts ♪ won't we open our arms open wide ♪ ♪ before all hope has died ♪ and give them that one thing they've never known ♪
10:52 am
♪ a home a loving home ♪ ♪ of their very own >> beautiful. >> we'll be back in a moment with a special surprise for rob sherry but first this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
all right, wow, that was awesome. thank you so much for sharing your story with us. and -- >> did you like the song? >> that was beautiful. >> i loved the song. >> very much, my pleasure. >> nick, you were something. >> good song, what can i say? >> thank you, thank you. >> wow. it was obvious it affected you
10:56 am
deeply. i hope it didn't just bring back terrible memories but inspire you for what you're doing for other children. unbelievable. he turned his pain into purpose. >> he did. >> that's the most important thing any of us can do. i think that's the title of your book. we were inspired by all the work that you've done and so we decided other people wanted to help you guys out too. so walgreens agreed to donate $5,000 worth of toiletries, coloring book, other items for your comfort cases. we want to thank you walgreens for making this extra special. and thanks, rob, for everything you do for kids in foster care. >> and anybody else that's out there, hoda. >> you are allsomwesome. >> okay, so that does it for us this thirsty thursday. join us tomorrow for try me friday. viola davis is going to be with us and a holiday performance. david friedman has a million things going on. check out website.
10:57 am
and in that fabulous show "a bronx tale" right now. >> yes i am. >> thanks, honey. >> merry christmas, guys. and thank you for sharing your story. >> thank you. >> have a great day, everybody. a change for christmas -- after
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
days of warmer weather -- a dramatic shift is coming. our radar is tracking a storm in seattle that will soon take aim at the bay area. =cover shot!!= kris/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. sam/2shot and i'm sam brock. the timing...could shake up your travel plans a little. we're talking about the return of rain showers and cooler temperatures for the holiday weekend. ==sam//boxes== a live look outside with our network of traffic cameras. from san francisco, to san jose, the golden gate and bay bridges -- the sun is shining. ad-lib. but that's going to be changing very soon. let's turn to meteorologist kari hall. kari. ==omni== ==kari//wx chroma== =wx toss to anchors= ==kris/vo== the rain heading to the bay area is expected to bring a lot of


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